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Heart 2 Heart Counselling Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster better relationships, improve quality of life and promote growth and development. Taking a holistic approach we regard the total human with honour and respect. We pay special attention to the connections between body, soul and spirit.

Heart 2 Heart Counselling Services

424 Grey St.
London, Ontario.
N6B 1H3
Phone 519-679-9402
Email delta@heart2.org

Who are we?

“Heart to Heart Counselling” is not just another counselling service; it is a connection with care and comfort. In a world of confusion, restlessness, and hopelessness, we offer hope and support that will help you to see life in a more manageable and enjoyable way.

Our professionalism is based on the ability to understand human needs. Because of this we refrain from the ideology of ridicule, criticism and judgment. This allows us to be objective, impartial and empathetic.

Many years of working with those experiencing life’s challenges has lent itself well in helping us to offer reliable assessments that lead to the highest quality of support systems.

Whatever you are dealing with, we offer you companionship in suffering and we also help to provide you with “safety” in building the foundation needed to stand on.

We offer “models” that are uniquely framed on all the levels of human functioning. These “Models” are aimed at enhancing Godly potentiality and identity, in revitalizing the diminished human spirit. Together we find the “hidden agendas” of the heart.

We regard with the highest of respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Sessions are offered in a quaint, non-threatening, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

We specialize in:

Pre-marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling

Grief/ Bereavement Counselling

Family and Children Counselling Personal Counselling

Sexual Abuse Counselling

Addictions Counselling

Spiritual and Emotional abuse Counselling

Physical and Psychological abuse Counselling

Stress management Counselling

Other areas of Counselling include:

Anxiety disorders, Trauma and shock

Work related issues,

O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Anger and Aggressive behaviours

Other Services Offered

Group therapy

Single Mothers support Groups

Conflict resolution Workshops

Mediation Workshop

Communication Workshop

Personal Values Workshop

Nurturing Children Workshop

Resolving “Mad Sex” Workshop

Divorce Rewind Workshop

Inner“ Child Find” Workshop

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